Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Me Love You Long Time

Emily and I are finally off to Thailand this morning, and I've been informed that odds are 64% that I'll end up dead or in a Thai prison. Exciting.

While we're licking cheap Asian whiskey off even cheaper 14-year old hooker ass, I don't want anyone to get bored, so here are your options:

1) Check out some of our shining moments from the past 2 months, including the inaugural post and the updates, the night Emily broke her face and the updates for that night as well, and maybe even the time I made fun of AA.

2) Keep up with Vicki, the other Zander, and this guy Craig who are all brilliant.

3) Weep silently to yourself until I return.

I really like choice #3 so let me know if you pick that one, and I'll be back in mid-January with herpes and bird flu for everyone!

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