Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Updates from Saturday Night

I'm sure I'll be hearing more about this all day, as everyone sits at work IMing each other, so I might as well just start posting updates:

you missed zander falling down on his ass and lying down for a few in that chick's kitchen, then joe standing over him and proceeding to pour the entire contents of his cup onto zander's pants
Did I really continue partying with soaking wet pants? Don't remember that part at all...

your friends were running around the hallways and screaming and rolling on the ground so I had to give them a talk

Yep, that would be me.

i love that we showed up to the lesbian party in an escalade playing lean back

Hey, I kinda remember that part.

you forgot...stef was waiting for the bathroom so she could wash my blood off of her, and you pushed her out of the way so you could pee

Thanks, Em, I was almost feeling better about myself. Nevermind.

And finally, from one of my roommates:

i just vaguely remember hearing someone stumbling down the hall, but didn't think much of it until Andrew asked me the next morning if i had heard you fall down. and then i remembered hearing someone buzzing the doorbell. i was just confused is all.

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