Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Let's Call It A Night

Well, kids, I think this is my final post. After yet another set of weeks where I forget to blog, I figure this thing has run it's course.

Makes sense, really. The blog started as a ridiculous way to chronicle my drunken adventures in my mid-20s. Now that I'm into my mid-30s, I'm at a point where waking up with a hangover is just kind of embarrassing...further evidence that no matter how old I get, I can be just as stupid as I ever was.

So, maybe another blog will come along, although even the word "blog" sounds so last decade at this point. If I ever get the feeling that you guys are dying to hear about my interior decorating plans or how my herb/vegetable garden is going, I may return.

Until then, thanks to the handful of people who still read this nonsense (or at least get automated updates via their RSS readers or something), it's been fun, and it may even serve as the basis for some shitty autobiography I write one day.