Monday, December 27, 2004

I Believe The Children Are Our Future

Yesterday, like millions of others around the world, my family gathered in the name of capitalism, greed, and Santa's birthday. By the time I'd finished opening my gifts I'd already downed two beers and was looking for another.

Eventually we headed over to a gathering at a family friend's place where an adorable little 5-year old named David made the stupid mistake of asking me if I wanted to play his new board game with him. And of course when I'm drinking/drunk I am the most competitive person ever. Even if you're five.

So I totally killed him in the first game, and he looked surprised (has someone been letting this kid win?). After a victory lap around the room that included dirty looks from his parents and assorted other adults, we played another game where once again, I demolished him, and this time he even had help from his 8-year old sister.

Was about to start my second victory lap when he started pointing at me and yelling "Cheater!". Which yeah I totally was, but it's not like the little bastard could prove it. So I started pointing and yelling "Liar!" right back at him. His parents tried to say something about going easy on him because he's 5, but I mumbled something being SO much smarter than their kids and wandered off towards the food.

Hmm now that I read this over one time I'm not sure if this is more about my drinking or my ridiculous immaturity, but I think they're related so I'll keep going.

So yeah, Christmas rocked. And today is Boxing Day which for those who aren't familiar with the history of the United Kingdom, came about because the British needed yet another excuse to drink. Bless them.

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