Friday, December 03, 2004

Colin Farrell = Awesome

I know what you're thinking. No, he's not awesome, because his movies suck. I was one of the unlucky few who saw 'Alexander' this weekend, thinking that it couldn't really be as bad as everyone was saying, and I was so so wrong. I would rather have screws drilled into my forehead, or even go a week without drinking before having to sit through that mess again.

Having said all that he's my hero otherwise, as evidenced by this quote from Oliver Stone on their first encounter:

“The first meeting was a disaster. [Farrell] was a skinny little Dublin boy, drunk as a skunk — breaking glasses in the restaurant, with his hand on my thigh the whole time. I couldn’t stand him."

I can't wait until I have the balls to show up to major job interviews completely smashed, break shit, and grope my interviewer. And STILL get the job. Rock on, Colin. Just don't make any more movies.

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