Sunday, December 19, 2004

Who Keeps Inviting Me To These Things?

Confirming that Emily does not read my blog very carefully, she made the grievous error of taking me to her company holiday party last night. We met up with Cristin and Jordan and made a rather lame attempt to pretend to eat before we started inhaling alcohol.

Not sure how everyone else at the party felt about me walking around with blinking lights on my nipples all night, but I could tell they loved this conversation:

Emily's Co-worker: So how long are you guys going to Thailand for?
Emily: We're going for about--

We spent most of the night wandering between the "club" room and the "swing" room, dancing like total assmonkeys in both (Jordan = Best. Dancer. Ever.), and taking breaks to cram all four of us into photo booths so we could immortalize the evening forever.

Quote of the night: Cristin telling me "I read your blog. I know you're not a good person."

Now if you'll excuse me, I should eat something before the boozing begins again at 8.

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