Thursday, December 09, 2004

It Could Happen To You

As we approach the season for office celebrations and the like, I thought I'd offer up my favorite cautionary tale, in the hopes that anyone reading will learn something, and be careful with how much alcohol they consume in the presence of their coworkers.

Aw who am I kidding, I love to hear about you guys fucking up. But this is too classic not to share...

The Culprit: Young assistant media buyer

The Scene: Fox upfront party at NYC restaurant The Boathouse

The Incident: A girl who was apparently fresh out of college and relatively new to the media scene attended a Fox party where she proceeded to bring new meaning to the word shit-faced. She got absolutely hammered, fell down and cut her leg open, threw up, and then passed out on a white leather couch where she then shit herself. The girl had to be carted away by paramedics.

As you can imagine, on this morning in late May 2004, I pushed aside all of the important work I do each day (haha I almost typed that without laughing) and followed this story very closely via Defamer and Gawker. See their very serious journalism at work here and here.

There's a lesson to be learned here kids, and that lesson is: It Really Sucks To Be Her.

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