Friday, October 29, 2004

WOO HOO my first blog post. God I'm drunk.

Yeah, so I woke up before 6am on this glorious Friday morning, I'm still plastered, and for some reason I was inspired to create a blog. Why the fuck not.

I'm still trying to figure out why I have ridiculous amounts of makeup on, and my bleeding arm concerns me, but I'm guessing I had an awesome time at the Masquerade Ball at the Museum of Sex last night.

Oh so last night they had this tarot card reader, and I sat down for her. She told me that all these people wanna get with me (thanks, captain obvious.) and that I'm gonna be really successful (duh). So I was like "okay, this lady knows what she's talking about". BUT then she finished with "you're a good person" which caused all my friends in the vicinity to burst out laughing. I almost fell off my chair myself, but I tipped her and went on my merry way.

Now to get someone to map out the rest of the night for me. I'm sure there are some really horrible pictures out there. So much for my career in politics.