Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Aw, I Missed You

Mickey is visiting Sydney and staying with me for a few days. After arriving on Saturday morning, he wasted no time with anything pathetic like sleeping after a 24 hour journey. No, we had a few drinks, went to dinner, a couple of bars, and around 4am I found myself picking him up off the bathroom floor and helping him find his bed. At least he was fully clothed. Although that somehow makes the whole thing even weirder, if you ask me.

Sunday was another session, and I may have had to work from home on Monday. In any case, I'm almost feeling human again today. And I think that may mean it's time to head off and meet Mickey for margaritas. Shut up, liver.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

You Know You Were In Vegas Recently When...

...you wake up on a Saturday morning at home after a 7 hour drinking session with friends that included shots of tequila, and you feel fresh as a daisy.

Seriously, I should *not* feel okay right now. And yet, I'm ready to do it all over again. Let's go.