Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Still A Fat Asshole

Met up at the Civic last night for Ellen's birthday drinks, and apparently the following are not always recommended:
  • Eating 2 tacos before going for drinks may seem like a responsible move, but probably won't keep you sober if you intend on drinking 12 schooners of Toohey's New.
  • Upon seeing 'BBQ Baby Octupus' on the menu, it's perhaps not so appealing to either the people at neighbouring tables or people you've just met to exclaim "Mmmm! Everything tastes better when it's made with babies!"
  • After the tacos before drinks and the food during drinks, it is NOT necessary to warm up a massive plate of pasta bolognese with a loaf of garlic bread upon arriving home. That isn't how people get fat. It's how people get really really really fat. (See photo in previous post.)

That was it I think, which isn't so bad when compared to my average night out. Snaps for me!


Centerfold said...

God those are some terrible eating habits. lol Be careful! You're too hot to let yourself slide into fat-fuck territory!

Zander said...

BTW, you're my favourite blog reader ever :o)