Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Best. Google Ad. Ever.

Last time I published the blog I scrolled down a bit to see what Google ads were appearing, and clearly God is thrilled about how much I'm drinking this week because this is what greeted me:

I've put a lot of thought into who they are actually trying to target with an ad like this, and these are the only three explanations I could come up with:
  • Single people with anger issues who enjoy dating self-acknowledged losers with ridiculously low self-esteem. Because if you're bitter about life, there's nothing better than being able to emotionally abuse someone who thinks they deserve it.
  • Mean-spirited individuals like myself who jump at the opportunity to ridicule the less fortunate looking in the world.
  • Mature and sensitive individuals who can look past a person's outward appearance and love them for who they are as people.

Oh wait, that last group doesn't actually exist in real life, much like leprechauns or eskimos. So I guess I only have 2 explanations, feel free to let me know if you can add any to the list cause I'm stumped if one of those isn't correct.


Joe said...

ESKIMOS....buhuahahua....comic genius u r alex...i can't wait till you get fat.

Ben said...

Joe is doubling as yoda:

"comic genius you are, alex. Great blog poster you will make."

Sorry, couldnt resist. Also, why can't I get google ads like that? I havent had a funny one yet, but one of them did piss me off. I'm pretty particular about catching typos, so imagine how pissed i got when I saw:


I was going to write an angry blog about it, but i realized it would only summon the wrath of more retarded ads.

I clicked some of your ads to get even with them. I figure if you some cash from them, they at least had to pay someone for their error...even if it wasnt me. :-)