Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's No Harry Potter, But I Love The Free Champagne

Probably the best reason to get into a job where you deal with clients is the random perks that you get as a result. Actually make that the only reason that putting up with their bullshit is really worth it. Oh right, and the "challenge" and "quality experience", in case any prospective employers ask. Point is, this is how I ended up at the Opening Night of the Sydney Film Festival on Friday night.

My dates for the evening were JuJu and Ayesha -- JuJu because she's hot, and Ayesha because she has an uncanny ability to know EVERYONE wherever we go. So we strolled in, starting loading up on the free champagne, and promptly got trashed well before the movie had even started.

The movie was an amazing film called Ten Canoes, "a beautifully poetic, multi-layered film that is sensual, humorous, tragic, intriguing and utterly unique." It might as well have been called Forty Winks cause I was fast asleep within minutes. Better yet was Ayesha who was asleep before me, but was gracious enough to wake up when her phone started ringing and ANSWERED THE CALL.I'm sure the actors and director sitting a few feet away were highly impressed. As if I wasn't mortified enough by all this, the folks sitting behind us made an astute observation: "She's pissed." (That's 'pissed' as in the British/Australian way meaning wasted, not the American meaning of 'angry', which would have more accurately described everyone sitting around us.)

Once that was over it was time for the real reason we had even showed up for the movie in the first place -- the after party! Ayesha and I managed to wake up at the prospect of an open bar, and she introduced us to all kinds of characters, most of whom were as drunk as we were. Always a good time for rude and inappropriate conversation at the expense of others.

Eventually though I was full of free food and booze, and it was time to grab my gift bag and head home. That's about as posh a party as I'll probably be at anytime in the near future, I can now go back to my usual partying at trashy bars. Whew.

Anyway it's a long weekend here (Monday is "the Queen's Birthday", whatever the hell that's supposed to mean), so I'll stop here and get back to my Sunday drinking now. Pardon me.

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