Thursday, June 15, 2006

I Still Heart Personality Quizzes

And this one is the best of all! It's actually something that one of my company directors talked about at a management training session a few months back, and it's called a Johari Window, where you can see what you think of yourself, as well as how much people agree with that, and what else they think of you.

I'd pretty much forgotten about it until I came across it again on a blog I've been reading lately and Ben had linked to an interactive version. Naturally the idea that I could prompt people to spend even 27 more seconds in a day thinking about me than they already do got me excited, so I sent out the link.

According to my results so far, both myself and others strongly agree that I'm "confident" and "extroverted". That's not-so-secret code for arrogant prick. And then there's the list of words that I didn't pick for myself, but others did. I love that so many people think I'm "witty", and since everyone else has said it now I can admit that I totally wanted to pick that one for myself, but then I thought about how obnoxious it is when someone refers to themselves as witty, and went with intelligent instead. SUCKERS.

Oh and people also said I was "self-assertive" and "bold". Two more words for arrogant prick, or perhaps pushy asshole, whichever you'd prefer. And of course there is at least one person not taking this whole thing seriously (how dare they) since I see "complex", "dignified", and best of all "modest" on the list. Although I was quickly told that picking that last one was an accident, which made me breathe a little easier since for a second there I was worried I'd have to talk even MORE about how awesome I think I am, which just sounds exhausting.

You can see my full results here.

And finally there's also a Nohari Window, which is the same thing but with all negative traits. Let me tell you, I consider myself pretty self-aware and able to take criticism, but I took one look at that list of words and decided there was no way in hell I wanted to see my friends and family describe me as any of them. As a consolation prize though, here are the words I imagine would show up if you had been allowed to choose them for me:
  • childish
  • boastful
  • impatient
  • loud
  • insensitive
  • self-satisfied
  • smug

Hopefully that saves you all the trouble of compiling your own lists behind my back, and yet somehow I doubt that's the case. Ah well, as long as you're thinking of me!


Centerfold said...

Oh my. Looks like you're the loud version of me. I took this quiz awhile ago and I got similar results... minus the staggering amount of 'witty' votes. I'm only witty when I write unforch. Haha.

Jonathan said...

religious? what religion is that? Drunkinism? I mean, I think everyone would agree you're going to hell. But that just gives me more reasons to act badly so we can hang out more in the afterlife...