Friday, June 30, 2006

Americans, Dumb? No, Just Really Loud.

Last night we did something I hadn't done in a while -- went to a trivia night at a local pub. Because something like 7 of the 10 people there were Americans, we named ourselves Team America. This actually made me a bit nervous at first, since we were then responsible for representing our supposed nation. Funny how that manifested itself though, as we were quickly getting dirty looks from everyone in the bar for the following:
  • yelling/singing "FUCK YEAH!!" every time we got an answer right (me)
  • chanting "USA! USA!" when we got an obscure one correct (The Flattie, who isn't even American but loves to create bad will between the US and nations around the world)
  • telling the team "Shhh!! I think those Australians are stealing our answers!", loud enough for them to hear it (me)
  • completely creaming the competition in the final scores and winning the $50 bar tab

The $50 was quickly spent on jugs of beer, sangria & Pimms, and we've decided to make this a semi-regular event because it was so much fun. I'm thinking next week we may call ourselves "The USA Could Blow You Up If We Wanted To", just for that extra special touch.

Along those lines, I've analyzed what should be considered the ideal demographic makeup for a pub trivia team (because you care):
  • Several girls (to recognize pointless celebrities in the photo questions)
  • A gay guy (for song recognition questions and anything about musicals)
  • A straight guy (sports, and songs the gay guy wouldn't know aka Billy Joel, and singers along those lines)
  • Someone over the age of 50 (because that's how they get the younger crowd, with silly questions about the 60's and what not)
  • Me (to make sure everyone is steadily liquored up, and to piss off all the other teams)
  • Someone hot (for me to stare at since I won't know the answers to any of the questions)

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emla said...

We are so doing this when I come. I know lots of trivial things!