Thursday, June 29, 2006

I Really DO Know Everything

Last night I had a nightmare that I ran out of chocolate Nesquik and was unable to make a proper chocolate milk for myself, as I do every morning. I clearly do not lead a stressful life.

However I had completely forgotten that 6 months ago I actually was a bit stressed. I mean granted, I was drinking almost every night and my biggest dilemma was literally "should I take a nap so I have more energy for drinking tonight, or should I go to the beach and work on my tan?"

But of course the big decision I had to make was: am I going to start making plans to move back to NYC, or do I find a job here in Sydney and stick around for a decent amount of time.

So, on a whim, I went to a site someone had sent me at and wrote a letter to myself 6 months in the future, which ended up being today. And not that my complex about always being right needed reinforcement, but I rather accurately predicted where I would be at this point in time. But it was also pretty interesting to remember my state of mind and how different it was just 6 months ago. And now I think it's totally nifty, and am going to write letters to myself every 6 months and just see how it turns out.

Anyway this post is really just to share that link with you guys, cause it's kind of a cool time capsule sort of idea and it's fun if you're a self-absorbed geek like myself (and since most of you are bloggers, you qualify). I chose 6 months because I figured anything less doesn't really leave enough time to make progress, and something like a year is a bit too long. Or you can send emails to yourself 30 years in the future, but getting it would rely on several factors:
  • that you're still alive
  • that the nuclear holocaust hasn't occurred and you still have access to email
  • that you still have a job that an eggplant could probably perform, and still spend massive amounts of your day screwing around on the internet with shit like this
  • that you'd really want be in your 50's and open an email from yourself 30 years ago when you were still young, hot, healthy, and having more fun than should be legally allowed

It's that last one that would probably encourage me to quickly locate 2 bottles of vodka and some valium. (Mmmm, vodka.) So yeah, I'm sticking with 6 months.

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Ben said...

Cool site. Just fired off a letter to me, and one to my kid brother. I fully expect to forget about them until they come.