Friday, June 23, 2006


Okay so I realize this is the first time you've ever seen me mention sports on this blog (and after July you shouldn't expect it for another 4 years) but the only athletic event I ever get remotely interested in is the World Cup.

This is even more relevant this year because the Australians (their team quaintly known as "the Socceroos") has made it to the World Cup after a 30 year absence or something ridiculous. Naturally this is yet another excuse for the average Australian to tie a flag around their neck and go get trashed, and therefore I love it. The game this morning between Australia and Croatia (at 5am, for crying out loud) was a seriously entertaining affair and will be worth me feeling like crap before the clock even strikes 9pm in whatever bar I will be in.

But that's all irrelevant, because I have actually been awake since before THREE in the morning. Why, might you ask? Because I had some kind of faith in the American team, god knows why. The world recognizes that football (soccer) is one of the few sports that the U.S. can't even attempt to dominate, and yet losing to the Czech Republic last week was still a bit of a stinger. So for the U.S. to get knocked out of the game by GHANA of all freaking countries was just embarrassing.

I'll save all the rude and un-PC jokes this time, all I'm going to say is that I want my 3 hours of sleep back, and I mean BEFORE I pass out in a bar tonight.

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Ben said...

I should state for the record before I say anything that the US sure sucks at Soccer.

That said, watch out for Ghana. They are young and undisciplined, but they're stronger than people give them credit for. If they arent slaughtered by Brazil, they'll do well in the tournament.

That said, they'll probably get slaughtered by Brazil.

Also, too bad about your Aussies.