Friday, June 23, 2006

Sheer Brilliance

Okay so I think we can all admit we knew Vicki was a funny bitch, but her new blog making fun of this guy shows that she is a seriously funny BITCH. Right up there with the chick from Hated New Guy, who apparently is no longer annoyed by that bastard (or maybe he finally moved) cause there hasn't been a new post on that blog in ages.

In other news, someone sent me the link to this MySpace profile today. The best part is that he went to my high school and apparently graduated from Harvard Law School recently. But this profile is genius enough that I could believe that.

Anyway...enjoy. It's Friday at 5pm here, I've got my "suitcase full o white bitches and I'm ready 2 party."


emla said...

Seriously, Vicki, hilarious.

Vicki said...

So far I've only had one complaint and it was probably Zack in disguise.

Jonathan said...

I'm so glad I turned down Harvard Law.

Jennie Lee said...

Why haven't you updated??? CNN showed mass amounts of Aussies rioting after the w.c. loss to Italy. Funny shit.

Remember that time you stayed over at my parent's house, the night before Great Adventures?