Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Celebrity Me

Sometimes I like to ponder aloud who exactly I would be if I was a celebrity. I often say I'd be Paris Hilton, but let's face it, I simply wouldn't have the old money charm to even attempt to balance out my trashy image. And occasionally I'll bring up Andy Dick, but I can't imagine ever genius enough to replicate some of his antics.

Today, I was reading one of my usual trashy websites and came to the harsh realization that I'd be more like the tragic Tara Reid:

Talentless, a messy drunk, and downright irrelevant other than to be someone else's laughing stock.

And then I just thank the lord that I'm not actually famous.


Anonymous said...

aw i think you're better than a tara. marginally.

i'd give you lindsay lohan on a good day

Sesame said...

Actually Lindsay Lohan wouldn't work because she's admitted that she's been going to AA for the past year....Zander w/o alcohol would be tragic...