Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Catching Up

Sorry it's taken so long to post something about the weekend, I've somehow managed to end up with work to do these days.

Of course now I found myself in the extremely unenviable position of having a ton of things to do, but being unable to do them until people send me files or fix systems or whatever else. I could use this time to start my long neglected Christmas shopping, but I think I'll blog instead.

Friday -- the work Christmas party

I'll be honest, this wasn't that crazy. My theory is that Australians spend so much time drunk together as it is that a Christmas party is just another drop in the bucket. Having said that, there were some decent highlights. My favourite was easily one of the directors swinging his pool cue around drunkenly and almost blinding the group personal assistant. As a matter of fact it was so close that he managed to leave a chalk mark on her eyelid. Impressive.

I was running my mouth as usual, but managed to leave after 8 hours without saying anything too stupid. The star of the show was the Swedish girl who sits next to me and always gets a bit crazy when she has a couple of drinks in her. At one point I just started snapping pictures of her because it seemed like she was doing something weird every 2 minutes or so.

The rest of the pics are here.

Saturday -- birthday drinks

Woke up feeling fine and started the birthday drinking at 3pm at the Beauchamp (which is annoyingly pronounced "Bee-chum" for some reason. Reminds me of driving near Pittsburgh when I went to college there and seeing "Versailles" and knowing that the locals called it "Ver-sails". So aggravating). The turnout was good and only one person had to be sent home because they were so trashed. I'll be nice and not print her name here, although it's blatantly clear from the picture here who I'm talking about.

Otherwise the night turned into some trashy dancing and then a fine Indian dinner around midnight before crawling into bed. Good times, and much preferred to my birthday party last year which I only vaguely remember.

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