Thursday, December 28, 2006

Still Behaving

Honestly the most drunk I've probably been was last night's dinner party, and that was really due to mixing too many types of alcohol, not because I was doing keg stands or anything of that sort.

My favourite part of the night was probably the drive home where my mother called my annoyingly drunk stepdad an "asshole" and followed that up with "shut up or get out". I can't even remember why it happened, I just thought it was fantastic.

In other news, I continue my appreciation of all things weird and European in the world of music. I'm still getting into a lot of the actual French stuff, however I saw this earlier today and had to share. Be sure to watch at least the first minute of the video for the full WTF factor:

Starting Rock & Diva Avari - Don't Go

1 comment:

emla said...

That video is, as you said, weird & European like my boyfriend.

Promise to pass on any other great Euro songs you hear! Including France's own Brice de Nice.