Friday, December 08, 2006

I Love Today

Went to the open bar last night but I'll admit that it was a little too crowded for me to really enjoy all the free booze and food.

The night also managed to take a turn for the worst when I stopped by Paddy's place and he attempted to introduce me to the world of "granny porn". Absolutely vile. I'm actually grimacing while I type this.

But it's all good. Today is our work Christmas lunch which is promised to devolve into a pub crawl towards the city. The only issue is that we are leaving the office at 12.30, and I didn't bother showing up until around 9.30, which makes it seem somewhat pointless to actually start doing work at this stage in the day.

I almost did earlier, and then a friend and colleague asked me how to do something in Outlook. Instead of showing her in 2 minutes by going down one floor, I created a PowerPoint presentation with screenshots and instructions and emailed it to her. It just seemed more fun that way.

I've got my camera today so I will hopefully have something to share with you all next week. In the meantime, enjoy this because it's hysterical.

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