Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Random Tuesday Night Drinking

There weren't any real plans for drinks on Tuesday after work, but one member of the group managed to have their third breakup of 2006 and the team instantly mobilized to celebrate this latest development.

I headed to the usual spot to meet up with The Unit (as we've decided we should be called) and immediately started throwing the beers back. As it usually goes, the random get together turned into one of the funnest nights we've had in a while.

Fantastic moments:
  • Paddy imitating a retard, causing K-Town to spew a mouthful of white wine across the table
  • The barback reaching over Mickey's shoulder to get an empty glass, and Mickey thinking it was me and biting the barback's arm. He realized it wasn't me once his teeth made contact with a hairy arm instead of the sleeve of my shirt. It was awesome.
  • Ending up at a karaoke night at one of the usual trashy bars only to have Chip and Paddy get on stage to sing a duet. Made even more embarrassing by Paddy just standing on stage staring into space with a drunken look in his eye, because he couldn't find the screen where the words were. Humiliating for all of us, I assure you.

Not a clue what time I got home, but I'm completely useless today and loving it.

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