Friday, December 22, 2006

Naughty Girls Need Love Too

*Apologies for the title, but it was the last song that came on my iPod and it's blocking any attempt at something creative or less embarrassing.

So last night...I headed home, and at 7.15 I found myself sitting on my couch watching Friends and finishing off some dinner, pleased that I was really going to pull off a quiet night.

And of course at 1.30am I was heading home from a bar. Hopeless.

Events between those times included outrageous amounts of beer, an engagement announcement, 5 tequila shots each to celebrate, hilarious discussions about people we don't talk to anymore who are terrible liars when there's hard evidence to the contrary, someone borrowing a skateboard from a male prostitute (eww) and ending up at the doctor getting their arm put in a sling, and much much more.

So now I'm at work on the last day before the two week shutdown and I'm not sure I'm even hungover yet, but I'm still eyeing the booze fridge like a fucking pinata because you know we are gonna raid that thing as soon as the afternoon hits.


Anonymous said...

Liars? Liars? What on earth do you mean? I think you should be more specific!

sesame said...

God i hate liars! So pathetic!