Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Simple Life

*Please excuse yet another awful StillDrunk graphic, but I felt it was very necessary.

As any of us know, the most important part of being a socialite is having someone to be a socialite with you. So you can imagine my dismay when the last couple of people I knew in Sydney who were all for hanging out on the beach all day every day went and got full time jobs, selfish bastards that they are.

Fortunately things have taken a turn for the better, because last week at drinks for Irene, I met her friend JuJu, where we had this instant bonding moment:

JuJu: Ah, you're Zander, great to finally meet you.

Zander: Same here. And what do you do?

JuJu: Oh, I don't work.

Zander: Omigod, me neither!

JuJu: We need to hang out.

Zander: That's hot. Gimme your number.

And so we met up for a late lunch yesterday (we were both sleeping in, obviously) which lasted past 9pm, while we bonded over how hard it is that people think we "don't do anything", as if those beaches are going to lay on themselves or something! It was really deep.

Anyway I must say, I was already happy about missing the NYC winter, but with the transit strike going on I'm even more thrilled I'm here in Sydney for the time being instead of riding a family of Mexicans to work, or whatever the current transportation options are in Manhattan.

Now if you'll excuse me, big day ahead -- doing the beach with JuJu this afternoon, and can't forget the season finale of America's Next Top Model tonight. Cheers!

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Truecraig said...

As if the glorious photo-mangling were not enough (nice legs; nair?), you had to hit me with the mexican-family-riding.

I spit a mouthful of Singapore Curry Noodles into my goddamn keyboard. Which means I am now forced to eat the keyboard. Thanks.