Tuesday, December 13, 2005

At Least I Know Myself

If you'll refer to my prediction of how Saturday's birthday celebration would most likely turn out, you'll be pleased (or maybe just disgusted) to know that it was almost dead on accurate.

I actually managed to last a solid 75 minutes longer than expected, was only warned by the staff twice that I needed to stop drinking, and there was a stopover at Hungry Jack's (Burger King) on the way home that I hadn't foreseen. I also generally remembered who showed up to the club that night, although any actual conversations I had escape me for the time being. And of course since it was my birthday, everyone has to be polite and say things like "oh no, you weren't bad at all!" and "of course no one was offended". Liars.

Needless to say it was another excellent birthday bash, and I take full credit even though I barely recall anything past 7pm.

As for pictures, I think some people may have taken some, but I have no idea who they would have been so I'll have to wait until they turn up in my email, and so will you.

1 comment:

Dorothy said...

nice to hear you had a great Birthday party. I am not so sure about mine at this point.