Thursday, November 30, 2006

Why My Friends Are Awesome

Slutty McRacist: so...i slept with a nigerian last night

Zander: holy crap. that's your first time going black, right?

Slutty McRacist: yup

Zander: you going back?

Slutty McRacist: nah, don't think so

Zander: he wasn't cute?

Slutty McRacist: eh, he was. but i have no idea what his name was

Zander: nice. it was probably "njmboto" or something.

Slutty McRacist: yeah, or "click click"

Slutty McRacist: besides, he lived up in like...washington heights. that's like a long distance relationship. you'd have to be the hottest guy in the world for me to commit to that kind of travel time.


n. jax said...

sometimes I wonder how I stay friends with you. you're an idiot and I mean it in the nicest possible way. I think.

I may have to boycott your blog along with Braveheart, Seinfeld and Jesus Walks.

Drew said...

I had someone message me through Friendster a while back. He lived in Washington Heights as well, and when I told him that I don't go above 79th St. on the Upper West Side, he got so upset that he stopped writing.

Come on, from Brooklyn? That's FAR.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha that is hilarious! I miss NYC!

Anonymous said...