Thursday, November 30, 2006

This Can Only Spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R

So for some godforsaken reason (actually because of an event I voluntarily signed up for), I was in the office by 7.15 this morning. Did you know that public transport is running that early? And there's like, people outside? Doing stuff? Granted I tend to wake up at semi-ridiculous hours most days, but there's a huge difference between waking up and doing shit. Never again, thank you very much.

I'm already exhausted, which is particularly bad because the drinking will start at 4pm in the office today. Yes, I realise it's only Thursday, but we are having drinks to mark the end of "Movember", and considering my feelings on the whole thing, you know I will be celebrating the fact that I can wake up tomorrow and not wonder why the population of homeless men in Sydney has suddenly quadrupled. There will also be a best (aka worst) moustache competition, so the guys have gotten a little creative today. Should be fun.

But that's not all. a little before 7pm I am boarding a boat to go on a 4 hour cruise around the harbour for a friend's 30th birthday. Apart from the fact that I tend to feel trapped when I'm on a boat, it's an open bar paid for by the hosts, which means there's a good chance I will end up taking an unexpected late night swim at some point this evening.

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