Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Smart Girl

For any of you familiar with the entertaining links to the right on this blog, you probably get a good chuckle out of Go Fug Yourself. The girls who write it are the ultimate bitches, the posts tend to be absolutely hilarious, and who doesn't enjoy laughing at celebrities every now and then.

Generally I read it and laugh because they're spot on, and at the same time I think they have a tendency to nit-pick at really minor fashion mistakes or bad choices, as if we haven't all done this at one time or another (then again, most of us don't pay a stylist tens of thousands of dollars a year to dress us, but that's neither here nor there).

However today I clicked over to check out the latest updates, and was faced with this monstrosity:

I actually exclaimed "WHAT THE FUCK?!" in the office, and consequently spent the next 8 minutes explaining to everyone in the vicinity why I was so shocked and what GFY is all about. But really, the only reason anyone would put on something so ridiculous is expressly to get some attention. She could wear the most beautiful dress in the world but would be ignored because she's a D-list celebrity, if even. You just KNOW this is going to make worst-dressed lists around the world.

So all I can say is, well-played, my dear.

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Drew said...

Not sure if you've noticed, but "Well Played" is also what the Fug Girls named the company holding the copyright to their site.

Coincidence? I think not.