Monday, November 27, 2006

"Dance It Out!"

I was an idiot on Friday night and despite swearing I would be home by 10pm so I'd be able to wake up early on Saturday and start cooking the Thanksgiving feast I naturally did no such thing. After work drinks where I told my colleagues my personal pickup line ("I'm half black, and that's from the waist down"), heading off with a coworker to see her ex's band play, and then meeting up with the usual crew, it wasn't the quiet night I had envisioned for myself.

Despite all that, most of the food came out great. Well, I should mention that until now I was unaware that you could cook a turkey upside down (why does it matter??) but my turkey, stuffing and garlic mash with melted cheese were all devoured pretty quickly, so I am considering myself successful.

The only thing that really didn't work out was my attempt at gravy, which ended up looking more like a stool sample and needed to be disposed of. I also made salad for 20 people and managed to leave it in my fridge, so my flatmate and I will be eating very healthy for the next few days in an effort to finish it off.

We had agreed that the Americans would cook, so everyone else should just bring booze. This resulted in the non-Americans bringing enough alcohol to kill an African village. Seriously, even after drinking in the park for 4 hours we still had unopened cases of beer, and too many bottles of wine and champagne to count. So what else could we do other than take it all back to someone's apartment, make our best attempt at finishing it off, and dancing around to awful pop music?

Favourite moments from that point forward:
  • Interesting attempts at both flamenco and Irish folk dance
  • Sesame dancing a little too ghetto and splitting open the pair of shorts she had just borrowed from the hosts
  • Paddy falling backwards off of his seat and pouring his entire glass of white wine on his own face. Of course he doesn't even remember it, even though it had me in hysterics for a solid 10 minutes.

Eventually I passed over to the dark side and had to be taken home before I did anything similar, but a good time was had by all. Unfortunately the next day I had to head out to Parramatta to spend time with the family, which would have been a little less daunting if I didn't feel like I was about to die. Ah well, I suppose that's the price we pay. If any good photos surface I'll be sure to post them up here.


emla said...

Ha. Love the title. I was walking around SoHo yesterday and there was a booth selling I <3 NY shirts, 3 for $5. Thought of you...

Anonymous said...

" Dancing a little too ghetto" haha i am GHETTO biootch!