Wednesday, November 08, 2006

On Your Marks, Get Set, Drink

Right, so as expected, Melbourne Cup was awesome. The way that any day where my memory stops working around 4pm is awesome.

Things I do remember (and wish I didn't) from yesterday's lunch with my boss and clients:
  • Talking way too much (so unlike me)
  • Telling black jokes, just in case there was anyone left in Sydney who wasn't aware of the difference between a black man and a pizza
  • Saying something that resulted in my boss calling me a bitch

By the time I went to meet up with friends I was BLIND, which resulted in many emails this morning starting with "OMG alex you were soooooo smashed, it was hilarious". Why a grown man not being able to walk upright or speak clearly is hilarious is beyond me, but I'll just take it as a compliment anyway.

I also had to email a friend with the following message: "Hey what happened last night? Did I see you?"

ANYWAY, I'm just happy that Emla and Dom got to see this miracle of Aussie life. They are still having trouble understanding why everyone leaves their offices and gets drunk on a Tuesday when we don't actually have any kind of a proper holiday, but I can tell they like the thought of it.


Anonymous said...

With Emily over there unable to comment on your blogs, I thought I might complete and utter retard.

Jaya said...

here is your google ad:

Alcoholics "can" drink.
But will you? Drinking is a choice not a disease. Learn how to quit.

- well done.