Monday, November 06, 2006

"I think there's a Pussycat Doll inside of all of us."

Well the girls are here, and within 7 hours of getting them from the airport, about 20 of us were ordering bottles of wine (three at a time, to keep up with consumption) at Cruise Bar with a view of the Opera House. Random recollections:
  • I think I should first mention that it's been a while since I've had people around who incessantly make fun of me (to my face, anyway), so having the girls make fun of the way I talk now -- apparently like a "British fairy"-- has been a rather humbling experience.
  • My friends here in Sydney are pretty loud, stupid and obnoxious (strange that we get along so well, eh?), but it usually takes a few drinks before they start to show their true colours. So they seemed a bit shocked when the girls and I showed up and didn't even need a whiff of white wine before we had other tables turning and giving us dirty looks.
  • I knew it would happen at some point, but having Emla outgross Derek (usually the most vile out of anyone in the group) was definitely a shining moment.
  • Oh that's right -- Derek trying to kick in the door when Scooter was in a bathroom stall at the bar. And then wondering why everyone is terrified of being around him.
  • I am so sick of Domini asking me "What is that in American dollars?" that I now give her the price of everything in gold nuggets. Well, my best estimate, anyway. Honestly woman, just buy it or don't.
  • Also sick of her asking me several times a day "What time is it in New York right now?" Stock answer at this point? "August."
  • Emla has had major trouble hearing since she got here. The thing is, she insists on repeating what she thinks she heard, even though that's clearly not what I said. "WHAT?? HE'S A CARROT?!?" Yes, dear, that's it. He's a carrot. You moron.
  • Then again I do say weird things. We were talking about bruises, and inexplicably said "Oh I never bruise. I'm an abusive husband's wet dream." Apparently that was "not right". WHATEVER. It's true.
  • It's really nice having Dom here, because she's actually louder and more offensive than I am. Yesterday, she managed to yell the word "cock" directly into a stroller carrying a baby. TWICE.

And that's most of what I can remember. I actually didn't make the girls drink yesterday (although I did find it necessary to treat myself to a $25 glass of champagne, don't ask me why) and I will probably give them today off as well since tomorrow is Melbourne Cup Day, and should be a sufficient mess to make up for it.


Joe said... it up it up, y'all...

Vicki said...

How much was that glass of champagne in American dollars?

Zander said...

Only about $20 in American dollars, so it was a bargain really...