Thursday, November 02, 2006

Twist My Arm

I was really set on not drinking this week. After having such a retarded weekend, I figured the least I could do is wait until Friday work drinks to start torturing my liver again.

So yesterday I was walking out of work, heading to the supermarket so I could have a quiet night in watching some TV with my flatmate. No such luck. Before I'd even made it out of my building I got a call from someone asking me to come for a drink. And of course 6 hours later I was having trouble standing up in the third bar of the night.

And probably the saddest part of it all was that I actually left my friends behind for an hour at 8.30pm so I could go over to Ellen's place and watch the latest episode of America's Next Top Model. Of course at this point I can't remember what happened on the show, and according to Ellen I sat on the couch spilling white wine all over myself and making incoherent remarks about nothing. Pure class.

Now it's Thursday evening and I've actually managed to make it home without getting drunk and offending anyone (an apology email to a friend was necessary when I got to work this morning, of course) so I'm rather proud of myself. I plan to sit here and watch RR/RW Challenge because they have FINALLY started airing the Fresh Meat season and Coral makes my world go round.

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