Thursday, November 23, 2006

Glutton for Punishment

Went over to Woolloomooloo last night (yes it's a real place, as silly as it sounds) to have a few drinks and then head over to Sesame's place for Top Model and a bottle of Veuve. It ended up being a recap show, which was good for two reasons. 1) I've missed several episodes this season, mostly because of Emla and Dom visiting (an even trade off, I suppose) and 2) we are STILL hurting from last week's painful elimination of Brooke, who was our favourite. And eliminated on her freakin' graduation night that she had missed to be on the show, no less. Tyra, I'm actually starting to lean waaayyyy more towards the hate in my love/hate relationship with you this season. Just thought I'd give you a heads up and a chance to change your ways.

My other major accomplishment for the evening (not that I should count drinking champagne and watching a Top Model recap as an accomplishment in any sense of the word, but I digress) was buying almost all of the food I need to make Thanksgiving dinner this week.

That's right -- yours truly is going all out this year and contributing to the feast. Last year I had just hopped off a plane from my week in Tahiti and didn't have time to make anything, so I can finally make it up to Team America, who did all the cooking last year, and will do plenty of it this year too. I'll be doing a turkey, stuffing, mash, gravy and a salad plus dressing. Slightly ambitious considering I've never done most of those before, but I'm confident I can pull it off.

We're all set for a 30 person Thanksgiving get together in the park on Saturday afternoon, and naturally there will be plenty of pictures of my fuck ups, so now you have something to look forward to.

Happy Turkey Day.

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