Tuesday, November 21, 2006

If You Care...

Might as well give you a quick rundown of my weekend, since this week hasn't been thoroughly exciting so far.


Headed off to Opera Bar for a friend's birthday drinks. Proceeded to get drunk and obnoxious, even after karma kicked in a A BIRD SHIT ON ME. So much for the glamour of outdoor drinking. My friends cleaned it up before I'd even realised what had happened, so the night went on.

I was heading home early around 9pm (don't make fun...I have a lame ass medical condition that will require surgery in the near future, but more on that later) when I was harassed by some flight attendants. They'd all been drinking since noon to celebrate graduating from idiot school, and had already been kicked out of 2 bars that day. They were also the dumbest people I have met in a long, long time. Naturally I stuck around for 2 hours and a few more drinks. Good times.


After giving the apartment a good (and much-needed) cleaning that my flatmate is still raving about, I headed to a BBQ and started drinking with the usual assholes. Of course I guess I was a little ambitious, as I ended up passing out drunk around 8pm, waking up for maybe an hour or so later on for another couple of drinks, and then passing out in one of the hosts' beds and eventually waking up next to them around 8.30am. Oops. Why do people invite me to parties again?


Hit the beach, went to a birthday picnic in the park, and then ended up at a random bar on William Street where we played crappy music videos until all the regulars had been forced out. Good times. Went home so I could watch Project Runway at 9.30pm, and then realised I was too drunk and tired to appreciate it so I went to bed.

Which is why I need to cut this short, since they are replaying that episode this evening and I'll be damned if I'm missing it again.


Anonymous said...

you need surgery?!?!

Zander said...

Ha yeah, I'll blog about it soon enough. Assuming I don't expire in the meantime.