Thursday, June 07, 2007

So Much For Healthy Role Models

Tuesday night was the season finale of Australia's Next Top Model, and I'm kind of glad it's over. While it can be entertaining to see a different version of the show, it gets a little old watching something that is trying so hard to be the original American version. The way they decided to be a little different this season was that the finale was live. Which might not have been quite so bad except for the fact that they weren't able to edit the bickering judges, and you start to realize how little they know about anything, and how much they all probably hate each other.

Most awkward was easily how they had each of the people who had votes say their vote out loud in front of everyone. This included not only the D-list celebrity judges, but the editor of the magazine where the winner would get a spread, the owner of the cosmetics company who would use the winner as their spokesmodel, and the head of the agency where she would get a contract. Which really just ended up taking away any kind of suspense, since the first three votes were for the same girl. Who planned this crap?

The last two girls we ended up with were Steph and Alice:

Steph was the girl who may have been really young, but had way more personality (or should we say ANY personality), and everyone loved her. Alice was the girl who looked like she hadn't eaten in three years and as a result barely had the energy to keep her eyes open, and definitely didn't have the energy to speak at an audible volume.

Naturally the skinny boring bitch won, which is a shame because apart from being disgustingly malnourished looking, she really did have the personality of a turnip, and in my opinion the most interesting models have always either been the ones who can actually hold a conversation, or the plain crazy bitches like Janice, Tyra and Naomi who are just pure entertainment. (Easily the latter role this season was filled by a girl named Paloma who would spend an entire episode yelling and being nasty to everyone, and then turn to the camera and with all sincerity utter things like "I just think I've been far too nice to everyone here.")

Ah well...we all know who the REAL Top Model in Australia is:

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emla said...

That Alice girl kinda looks like Lily Cole... not that it matters since all of the "NTMs" will never amount to anything.

Although, the girl who was booted off first or second on this past season of ANTM got a real contract and might be going somewhere.