Monday, June 18, 2007

Everything Is So Blurry

I can barely see my computer screen right now because I'm so outrageously tired. Let me try and explain why...


The usual crap.


Woke up having had not nearly enough sleep. Met friends for lunch, had a couple of beers over a game of pool, and then headed out west to spend the evening with the family. My cousin Emma was in a surprisingly good production of Les Miserables, after which I immediately went back to the house and crashed.


Woke up and still hadn't had enough sleep. Went back to my place so I could shower and change and then head to a farewell/birthday BBQ for someone moving back to the UK. Was so exhausted that I went home by 6pm and was passing out on the couch when I got a phone call from Murphy.

Naturally this somehow led to me drinking with Murphy and his gang until close to midnight, and all I've been thinking about for the last six hours is my bed. Unfortunately my trip home will involve a long overdue visit to the dentist for a checkup. Will the fun never end.


Freak Magnet said...

Try to sleep at the dentist's. I've done that before. I've been so worn out before that I didn't even need novocaine for a drilling. I'm hard core, baby, hard core.

*please note that all other times I'm a big whiny sissy baby and require at least three shots and even then I cry.

Zander said...

I considered sleeping last night, but my dentist here is a little bit awesome and has a TV with a DVD playing for you.

So I watched the latest Bond movie instead.