Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oh Sorry, I Thought This Was The Asshole Party

Saturday started off innocently enough. I met some friends for breakfast at Mint, and then we wandered over to a costume shop nearby, since I had somehow ended up needing to dress up in costume for at least three events in the coming month.

One of them was a Rock Star Party that night in North Bondi, and I took the easy way out and simply bought a rock mullet that I could wear with some sunglasses and shitty clothes for the generic Rock Star look.

After a couple of DVDs (Saw III, which was not that hard to watch, and Another Gay Movie, which was surprisingly hilarious, and gross) I headed off to Team America's place where I passed out on the couch while the girls dressed up as Avril Lavigne (old school, not the awesome "Girlfriend" version) and Bjork (in retarded swan dress, replaced with a kookaburra).

Anyway, here's what I ended up looking like:

And apparently there is some Sydney Swans (that's from the AFL, Australian Football League, and I still don't know the difference between that, the NRL, and Rugby Union, which are all apparently different sports and none of them are soccer, WTF) player that I ended up resembling, seen here:Ah well, I'll get it right next time. I have a costume all lined up for my firm's Mid-Year Ball and the theme is...wait for it...GOTHAM CITY. It shall be awesome.


Drew said...

Yeah, I was really surprised at how good "Another Gay Movie" was. Just goes to show how easy it can be to impress when your expectations are basically nill.

Oh, and I'm sure the scene with Richard Hatch from "Survivor" was your absolute favorite, wasn't it?

Zander said...

Haha I was actually okay with it, the "Belgian Chocolate" scene was far more horrifying in that way. My friends here think I've become far more accepting of stories/jokes about bodily functions, I tend to disagree.

Also, had fun trying to explain what an enema was -- they don't actually have them in chemists (pharmacies) here.

Vicki said...

Your mullet is more of a Rod Stewart wig than a true mullet. I mean, yeah, it's business in the front, party in the back, but it's a little too much party in the front for a mullet. Just sayin'. Though you'll be king at the next Has Beens party (or as they say in French "has-been").