Friday, June 15, 2007

It'll Last Longer

I've never been much of a sentimental person. I generally throw out tons of things that most people would probably hold onto as mementos of this or that, like ticket stubs to great events and random little things like that. I've always just thought my memories were good enough, and couldn't ever see myself being one of those people who opens up that old shoebox and gets teary-eyed while grasping a piece of string that no one else but that special someone would know the meaning of. I may vomit just from having typed that.

Having said all that, I love pictures, as many of you would know. If I go away for a long weekend I am sure to come back with around 100 pictures that I want to put online, write narrative captions for, and send to everyone I've ever met. However I generally never bothered with hard copies...until now.

I recently have been having little pangs of homesickness, and not that it really makes anything better, I decided, apart from framing and hanging a NYC subway map over my bed, to order prints of a lot of my favourite pictures of me and my friends back in NY and frame or hang them. Just in case you're wondering how I chose these pictures, the process pretty much went like this:
  • Am I in the picture?
  • Do I look good?
  • Do I even like the other people in the picture?
  • Even if I don't, do I look really good?

I found a picture frame that held three photos, and chose three rather civilized shots to go in there. However I had tons of additional photos that I wanted to put up and realized that buying 20 picture frames would be overkill, so I went with buying the cork picture board and just putting as many as possible on there.

This is what I ended up with:

It's a decent mix, although I intend to tweak it in the future. Some stats though:

Most appearances:

A tie between Domini and Emily, no surprise there

Most appearances by someone I haven't really hung out with that much:

Joe's old roommate Jeff

Most random appearance:

My former coworker Kevin, who worked with me in NY for about 6 months and just randomly wanted to hang out with me and my friends one night.

Most overrepresented event, considering Joe is a total ass hat:

Joe's birthday, 2005

Most underrepresented demographic:

Asians -- only two of them in there, which is rather appalling considering most of the people I know from high school are from the yellow continent.

Anyway, that's it for now on this topic, as I've actually already changed some of the pictures since I took that, and I don't want anyone getting mad at me because they don't see themselves on there. You vain, vain bastards.


Che said...

Nice blog

emla said...

Awww! And, can I say thank you for not including that picture of me in Thailand where you tricked me into bending over and shaking my ass?

"Thank you."

Anyway we can get a click-thru to see it englarged?

Jennie Lee said...

I'm one of two!!!! Alex!!! you crack me up.

Freak Magnet said...

I have a giant frame that holds a ton of pictures and I haven't gotten around to filling it up, even though it's already hanging on my wall and has been for the past 4 1/2 years. It's funny how people want to know who those people are.

dom diddy said...

awww!!! love the pics!! move back to ny fool! these are totally making me sad. of course there's a pic of fat tranny on there... you freak.