Wednesday, May 30, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

In this case, I think I've found a place better than home, and that would be the hotel I'm staying at while I'm in Melbourne this time.

If I'd been coming by myself, I probably would have gone with the cheaper (but still pretty nice) option that I had last time, since it was close to the office and more than suited my needs. However this time, as I mentioned before, I came down with my colleague Corporate Barbie. While she's a bit of a princess (literally refuses to walk anywhere that is more than 5 minutes away, and uses her stiletto heels as a supposedly valid reason), I love that she's given me an excuse to splurge on this business trip, because I would move into my new hotel room if I could.

Apart from the room being huge and really pretty, there's a bed that must be bigger than King size, a bathtub the size of a small pool, a shower with three showerheads (two of which were suspiciously pointed at my crotch when I first turned it on), and a mirror that seems purely intended for watching yourself take a shower with the aforementioned showerheads. All in all, it's enough to make me wish I had a much more interesting sex life, if I'm going to be honest here. But I will still enjoy the room as much as possible, while restraining myself from taking pictures.

And there's always Corporate Barbie to enjoy it with, who has already talked me into a dinner in the hotel restaurant that consisted of 3 courses and a glass of wine, and now it's up to me as the project manager to figure out how to expense it all. Good times.


Anonymous said...

i cant wait until you get in trouble for this

amy said...

I really think we need to see some pictures!!

Vicki said...

Yeah, could you demonstrate the shower heads for us? Bow-chicka-bow-wow.