Thursday, May 03, 2007

I May Need Some Pills For This

So I've long recognized that I have a mild case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It's not that bad and generally doesn't affect my life (I don't have to turn the lights on and off 12 times before I leave the apartment or anything), but there will be the occasional night when I get into bed, tired and exhausted from a long day (of drinking) and then have to turn on the light and get back up because I don't think the blinds have all been lowered to the same level. Things like that.

Actually this morning was an unfortunate case -- I had trouble sleeping, and somehow, between my bed and the bathroom, I touched the inside of one of my sliding closet doors and decided it was a little too dusty. Cut to me cleaning the inside of my closet doors at 4.53am -- neither the easiest nor most necessary thing I've ever spent my time doing before sunrise. Oh well.

But what I really need to blog about right now is ice. As in, ice cubes, and trays, and all that good stuff. I use a lot of ice. While I can live without it in my water, chocolate milk, beer, or wine, I desperately need it in pretty much everything else I drink, from soda to juice, and anything involving vodka. Sometimes I even find myself checking the freezer and refilling the ice trays when I don't actually need ice at that point in time. It just makes me feel better.

So it drives me absolutely INSANE that people who clearly use the ice out of the same ice trays that I do can't seem to refill ice trays properly. Until I came along there was no ice on level 2 of my office building. But I've done my best to provide for my helpless colleagues, who apparently can't make ice for themselves. I'm not sure which I find more aggravating -- when people don't refill them at all, or when they make a completely half-assed effort that results in tiny unusable ice chips. I mean seriously, WHAT BASTARDS think that's appropriate? How can people be so ridiculously pointless? And I swear, if I EVER catch anyone doing it csefestdrhbnwr as gvB IJBQIJqgibdgkNBV SRG BFBVPaxil!!!!


Vicki said...

That's like the bastards who leave one square of toilet paper so that they don't have to change the roll (more applicable in a roommate situation than at work because I really don't think any of us work at places that make us change the TP). But anyway, it's like, yeah, technically there's some there but it's really not usable. I would have preferred to see and empty roll so at least I know in advance it's all gone and can do something about it before it's too late.

Drew said...

"Oh, Liz, I love it when you do 'cut to me!'"

Nice Madonna/W&G reference. I don't have a comment about your OCD except to say that I would totally get out of bed to make the blinds all the same level, but I'm a whackjob anyway.