Monday, May 07, 2007

In A Nutshell

I am so exhausted, but I'm waiting for some colleagues so we can head to work drinks (yes I know I just said I was tired, but it's for work, and it's free) and figured I could squeeze in my weekend update.


Went to Longrain for some of the best Thai food ever, in honor of Cathy's birthday. By the time we had finished pre-dinner cocktails and dinner itself, it was 10pm and I was feeling rather dead from having partied a little too hard at "Old Skool Funk Night" at Establishment the night before, so I went home and caught up on some sleep. Very low key for one of my Friday nights, but it was necessary. Besides, I needed the energy for the next day.


Met up with the gang for breakfast and then off to see Spiderman 3, which was more of the same nonsense from the last movie. I walk out of these things knowing they weren't particularly good, but I think I had fun? Who knows. I would still see #4 if it was ever released, although from the way all the actors were sleepwalking through this one, I doubt that will be coming along anytime soon.

Had a great late lunch at The Malaya, and thought, why not have a bottle of wine? Of course this meant I had started drinking at 3pm, so after half a bottle of wine and a six pack at Juice's place after lunch, I headed to a party at Henry Afrika's in Manly around 8pm completely hammered, just like the good ol' days.

The party was a blast (it was a farewell for Angie and Kim who are moving to London this week), and the DJ they had hired basically played whatever we told him to, no matter how crap it was. So in all fairness, the best party ever. I maybe got home around 2am after drinking for 11 hours and dancing for the last 6, and even managed to sleep in a little the next day.


Officially the laziest day I have had since I moved to Australia, and probably much longer than that. Other than my morning swim and a trip to the home improvement themed shopping center across the street, I did not leave my apartment building at all. The highlight was probably when I ordered and finished off a large pizza from Pizza Hut, and then passed out in a grease coma, waking up 4 hours later. I then watched some TV, ate more food, and went back to bed. The living embodiment of "Sloth", and it was pretty much perfect.

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