Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Heart Attack On A Plate

So my ridiculous eating habits have continued over the past week. The best example is probably Sunday. After my morning swim, I had my usual pancakes with syrup and a big glass of chocolate milk. I thought my next meal would be the early lunch I had planned with friends, however I got a text message that reminded me that I actually had breakfast plans at 10am. So I met up with Becs for "brekkie" (god, I hate that word) where I had a huge plate of bruschetta, and half of her omelette.

Not even close to satisified, I then headed upstairs to the chinese restaurant and proceeded to gorge myself on dumplings, BBQ meat, veggies, noodles, and god knows what else. It was really revolting. Keep in mind it is now not even 12pm and I've had 3 large meals. I actually managed not to have another full meal until around 7pm, however what I missed in quantity that afternoon, I more than made up for in quantity that night.

I had invited Team America over for dinner, and made them chicken, breaded and baked in mozzarella, with a side of parmesan oregano pasta, and some broccoli. If you think the cheese was the unhealthiest thing about that meal, you are so wrong, because the way I made it taste perfect was by dumping 200g of butter into the main meal.

To top it all off, I made cupcakes because it was Cathy's birthday week, and almost doubled the amount of butter you're supposed to put in (used 200g instead of 120g, oops), although in my defense we ended up with the best cupcakes anyone has ever tasted. Seriously, they were amazing.

So now it's two days later, and I'll be honest, I'm surprised none of us has been carted off to the hospital with cardiac arrest. And I think I'm having that chicken dish for dinner again tonight. Wish me luck.

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