Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Watch Out For The Po-Po

It's Tuesday night and I'm exhausted because I've been awake for far too long today, but here's the latest so I can cross this off the list of things that I'm procrastinating on this week.

I had REALLY wanted a quiet and restful weekend, which is clearly why I was out dancing until 1am on Friday night and almost 4am on Saturday night.

I also love that I apparently went home just in time on Friday night, as my friend who I'd been hanging out with texted me late the next day to say "I was in jail". It ended up being for a completely lame reason that still barely makes sense to me at this point, but naturally I love an entertaining story, no matter how nonsensical. (The police also factored into my Saturday night when I was having drinks at Middle Bar and we watched them write tickets for two straight guys who decided to dry hump each other in the middle of Taylor Square -- imagine having to explain that to everyone you know.)

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day, so I spent it watching 28 Weeks Later because I genuinely believe there is no better way to spend a beautiful sunny day than watching blood-vomiting zombies eat each others faces for two hours. I then went home, had a lovely steak dinner, and passed out on the couch watching a documentary on Hitler's career. Good thing I fell asleep, as my next inclination would probably have been to go pray to Satan.

Now it's Tuesday and I'm in the Melbourne office again and it looks like I'm here until Saturday. This time I came down with my always fun coworker (known sometimes as "Corporate Barbie"), so it should be a good laugh, although I will try to behave as I have enough meetings for a whole month crammed into the next couple of days.

Stories to follow, I'm sure...

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