Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ah Crap

Was about to walk out the door and remembered that I haven't blogged in days. Apologies.

I actually thought I was going to have more than enough time on my hands to blog and do other silly things, now that my huge work project has finished. I'm actually about to head to celebratory drinks for that one, at the company that has a bar right in the office. Should be fun.

However, the other day a partner in our Melbourne office gave me a call and asked me to manage another beast of a project, and I stupidly agreed. Because come on, she's a firm partner, and we're getting salary and bonus reviews over the next month. What the woman wants, the woman gets. At least until mid-June.

Anyway, beer awaits me, and I hate to keep alcohol waiting. Peace out.

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Ben said...

Grand Opening of my new studio was last week. Check it out if you're ever stateside. Now all I need are enough appointments to where I'll have "fuck you" money. Then I'm going to go say hello to my old boss.