Thursday, June 09, 2005

Worst Death Ever?

Okay, so this pretty much has nothing to do with alcohol (although I will disclose that I had several glasses of wine at lunch), but I was thinking about broadening my blogging horizons anyway, and this seriously grossed me out just now.

A news story about a leg falling from a plane coming in from South Africa that was landing at JFK Airport, and hitting someone's house. Several questions arise:

1) Is South Africa really that bad that someone would attempt to leave the country this way? Granted, I'm sure AIDS and racism aren't exactly a picnic in the park, but was saving up some cash and applying for a visa not a better option than hiding in the wheel compartment of a plane as it was taking off?

2) How did this "leg, with hip and spine attached" make it this far across the Atlantic and choose to separate from the rest of this corpse over Queens? I mean hey, not my favorite borough either, but I wouldn't dump body parts over it just yet.

3) Isn't this seriously one of the most horrible ways to go? Or as my coworker put it "like, whose fate is that?" Indeed.


Zander said...

And yes, I realized immediately after posting that the answer to question #2 is that they were probably lowering the landing gear at that point. I guess the rest of the body was wedged in the wheel or something.

Damn, now I'm definitely in the mood for dinner.

Joe said...

Silly africans, airplane wheel wells are for kids!....they think the guy probably got on during a layover in Senegal which is probably doing much worse than S. Africa.

Lauren said...

This is the post that should have been titled "Bits and Pieces." Too bad.

Vicki said...

Clearly you missed the Hoosierweight Fights in good ole St. Lou last weekend where the poor man's New York Robot guy was doing the chicken in a Hawaiian shirt and too-tight-for-anyone's-good light khahki shorts. Don't get me wrong, I like the Chicken as a dance move as much as the next guy. It's just that when I do it, it's on purpose.

PS For those outside of Missouri, "Hoosier" is roughly equivalent to "Canned-beer-guzzling-car-up-on-cement-blocks-white-trash-embracing-badass-I-have-two-pit-bulls-so-you-can-just-fuck-off" kind of thing. A splendid thing, really.

Vicki said...

I suppose it would have been a lot cooler if I posted that comment on the post before it, you know, the one it pertained to. Whatever. We'll just say I hit the sauce a little early today, thus contributing to my retarded comment and also making your seemingly non-alcohol related post alcoholic once again. Whew.