Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Why Are We Still Here?

We all went to a surprise birthday bash for Domini on Friday night. She was definitely surprised when she arrived, and suitably trashed by the time she left.

It had been a while, but it was one of those nights where we ended up wondering why we weren't tossed out on the street. Why might that happen, you ask?

1) Joe getting way too wasted, in typical Joe fashion, and beginning to pass out at a table about 40 minutes into the evening.

2) Jessica taking a liking to one of the female go-go dancers and posing numerous times with her hand uncomfortably close to the dancer's crotch. (Points to Jessica for not remembering this the next day, even with photo evidence)

3) Me spilling a good portion of my Black Label down the back of some girl's shirt. (I'd say I was sorry, but she was a total bitch about the whole thing. I mean, HELLO, that's basically free booze. Start licking, woman.)

4) Domini's apparent inability to stand up by 2am. (I refer you all back to this picture.)

There should probably be more on this list, but somehow no one seems to remember much after 1am. That's always comforting.

We were all still recovering on Saturday night, but still managed to follow up the previous night with a trip to a Mexican restaurant that included yelling, fluffing hair in other customers' faces, driving an entire family at a neighboring table out of the place, and laughing hysterically about it all. We rock.


emla said...

You also spilled Black Label all over me. I wonder how you got to drink any of it...

Joe said...

I got on the last train to westchester that night...i missed my stop and went to bumblefuck mt. kisco...luckily i woke up b/c the conductor was making fun of another stupid white who had done the same thing and was somewhat more of an idiot than I b/c he told the conductor re: the situation. Me and this idiot ended up splitting the 45$ cab back to white plains. God I suck.

Phil said...

Zander: HAHAHA i just read joe's comment on my blog'
Zander: he's such a tard
Phil: about what?
Zander: haha read it
Zander: too funny
Zander: (then again you've done it before, so whatever)
Phil: yeah, but when I did it, it only cost $25, and I was with two 19 year olds from Great Neck
Zander: HAHA
Phil: bitch