Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sober at Six Flags

No stories from Friday, since I headed off to Six Flags with my brother and his girlfriend. And I somehow managed not to get drunk and beat the living shit out of Bugs Bunny in front of a gaggle of horrified toddlers. Not that it's ever happened. I'm just saying, that would have been funny. I mean "terrible".

Of course even more impressive is that I didn't do this after we got to the park and Kingda Ka, supposedly the tallest, fastest and most awesomest rollercoaster in the world, wasn't even running. Which is pretty ridiculous since their entire ad campaign has been about it, and I'm pretty sure we saw 83 billboards for it on the way to the park.

Screw you, Six Flags.

P.S. If anyone finds a filthy NY state driver's license, half used Metrocard, and five dollars in coins underneath the Superman ride, shoot me an email. Thanks.


Cristin said...

Oh no! The dirtiest license on earth, gone FOREVER?!?! How are you going to skank up a new one before you leave for australia??

Zander said...

I dunno, but I'm a pretty dirty boy, I'll find a way.

In the meantime, I'll be ruining my US passport.