Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Does Anyone Else Smell That?

So I was just wandering through my office (yeah, that's about as excited as I get about work these days) and I seriously got a whiff of whisky halfway between the water cooler and my desk.

The stages of my reaction to this:

1) Excitement, because I love whisky (specifically scotch, but let's not pretend I'm very picky)

2) Amusement, because I find real alcoholics pretty damn entertaining (in a pathetic way, of course) and I'd think it was really fantastic if there was one right here in the office with me

3) Concern...maybe that wasn't someone else I was smelling...

4) Satisfaction, because at least I have something to blog about today

5) Sadness, because that really shouldn't be what keeps me going in life


Ben said...

I think what you were truly smelling was a gash.

Zander said...

Oh come on, Ben, you know you just want to tell everyone about your new blog:


Truecraig said...

Gash scented whiskey? My word... that's fantastically nasty. But in a baddish-good sort of way.