Wednesday, June 22, 2005

RW/RR Challenge - Inferno II

Okay, so this will be another random post not related to alcohol, sorry for all you drunkies out there. And this will be worse than most, because only people who watched the Inferno II will have any idea what I'm talking about. Feeling excluded? Suck it. At least I know Cristin will appreciate this.

So yeah, a few comments on the season that just ended...

Could the prize be any shittier?

Last night two of the meatheads on the show were musing about what they would do if they won the final challenge, worth $150,000. One of them actually said "I would just be in awe. I wouldn't even know what to do."

Um...we're not talking about a $200 million powerball prize here, fellas. In fact, we're talking about $150,000, plus the other $70,000 you won. Not too shabby, until you divide it between your seven teammates and take into account that they tax people like you (meaning people who go on retarded reality shows and act like asses in front of the entire country for our amusement instead of getting real jobs and doing "work" like the rest of us) at like 50%.

Golly, $16,000. I'm glad you're so awestruck by what comes out to about four months salary for the average American, you twat.

I'm sorry, could you please define the teams again?

Since having Real Worlders face off against Road Rulers didn't work out (hmm, people who sat around a big house with a hot tub vs. people who had to run up cliffs sideways without a harness, I wonder who's gonna win this one), and Men vs. Women didn't work out much better (sometimes the jokes just write themselves!), this time they arbitrarily divided the teams between "Good Guys" and "Bad Asses".

Which might have been a little less stupid if one of the people on the "Good Guy" team hadn't been Brad from RW San Diego, who was arrested THREE TIMES during the one season, if my memory serves me correctly.

Where the hell is Coral?

Honestly, it just isn't a RW/RR Challenge if Coral isn't around. Who else, when challenged to a wrestling match by a Jesus freak, will utter awesome lines like "Wrestle?! I don't wrestle. I beat bitches UP!"

Damn right you do. This show just isn't the same without you, babe.


emla said...

Getting cable tonight! I'll be joining you and CStixx in the ranks of guilty-pleasure indulgers very, very soon. God I've waited so long for this.

Drew said...

Coral is my all-time favorite Bunim-Murray reality whore EVER, and that's saying something, since I'm placing her above Hot Gay Danny from New Orleans.

I'm just sayin'.

Lauren said...

Emla: You're just in time for RW Austin - Yayee Yayee.
Drew-baby: While Coral kicks ass, I would rather have Danny slap my ass... or I'll slap his...
Z: Way to shout out Inferno II. I'm glad the Good Guys won - CT is such a fucker.

Cristin said...

I managed to sleep through the inferno finale AND new austin cast on back to back nights!! Maybe my circadian rhythms are telling me I watch too much MTV. well, EFF THEM! Cannot wait to watch the austin cast whore it up in america's heartland.

Zander said...

Damnit, and I was totally looking forward to a Stickles recap of the Austin premiere.

Then again it's MTV, so you know it'll be on about 73 more times before the week is over.