Thursday, June 09, 2005

Drunk of the Week(end)

Still not sure who wins this one.

There's the old Dominican dude who showed up to Belle's BBQ on Sunday wearing a beret and a tight t-shirt proclaiming in large letters: "I'VE GOT NIPPLES." Bonus points for only dropping by to ask for 2 Coronas, when he was already clearly sloshed. At 4pm.

But then, there's this guy:

Imagine you were at a club on a muggy but energetic Saturday evening, you looked over to the dance floor, and saw someone moving around like the Energizer bunny, if it was on crack and had just learned how to do the robot. Poorly.

What would you do? Well, if you're Jessica, you start dancing with him and making it that much worse. Thanks, dear.

Feel free to post your vote in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

i think that dude in the pic wins cuz he's like FIFTY!!

Truecraig said...

Hey, that's my "goin' out Saturday night" silky-smooth shirt, okay? And sure, my robot needs some work. But look at me, I'm fucking fifty for chrissakes. Cut a man some slack. Sheez.

My vote is for nipples.

Come on! I'm having a midlife crisis over here! Slack, please? Thank you.

Joe said...

I was there...and I believe this man was slightly to very retarded...this pic doesn't capture the 15 minute danceathon that Jess put on for him, while he wagged his tongue and not in a cute puppydog way but moreso in a down's syndrome way.

emla said...

And I was there for the "I've Got Nipples" episode. I gotta say, the kicky beret and tucked in, too tight baby-t were a sight to behold. I'm going for Alcoholic #2.